Sunday, January 10, 2010

Unfinished-The Spy Wore Red by Wendy Rosnau

"She had moves no one could match and that kept superspy Nadja Stefn alive on many an undercover assignment. Until one slip changed the game forever. It happened one icy cold night...two spies on the run, holing up together...the night Nadja wore red. They exchanged no names, and five years later Nadja still didn't know the identity of her child's father. Until she was chosen for a mission that paired her with her mystery lover. Spy games...high stakes...killer"

My review:
This is one of those romances that you pick up that is so sexist that you almost question whether the author might actually be a man writing under a pseudonym. I quit the book 40 pages in after reading, at LEAST ten times, how much of a "cotton candy ass" the heroine, a spy, has, and how her spy specialty was "straddling" then killing the villains she's being sent after. The topper was the backstory: that five years before she literally "runs into" the hero in a firefight, they hole up in a hotel together and within five minutes she is bonking his brains out in the shower without even knowing who he is, his name, if he could be a spy sent to kill her, or using protection, as of course she ends up pregnant but never tries to track down the man who fathered her child. This sounds like something right out of "Penthouse forum"! LOL.

Here's a hint authors: you don't have to make your heroines as raunchy as some sexist male character for them to be considered "kick butt".
Not recommended.

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