Thursday, January 14, 2010

A Talent For Trouble by Anne Barbour

A Talent For Trouble
Anne Barbour, 1992
223 pages
3 stars

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Lady Talitha Burnside had always assured herself that the blazing talent in her fingers overcame the plainness in her features. Now, the Viscount Chelmsford had need of her skill as a caricaturist in a novel that would set London on its ear. Tally told herself firmly that she did not care that Chelmsford would scarcely look beyond his collaborator's talent, for she wished only to provide herself with the means of financial independence from her family. Unfortunately, with the best intentions in the world, Tally did not find herself immune to Chelmsford's charm. And to the Viscount's surprise, he found himself oddly attracted to the artist's huge brown eyes, her coltish grace, and her elfin charm. How long would it take for the two artists to discover that the passion sparking between them sprang from more than a literary interest?

My Review:
Overall, a cute Regency romance. Would have enjoyed more interaction between the H/H though. 3 stars


  1. The cover looks so much older then a 1992 book. I had never heard of it before, I guess b/c I really was not old enough to read novels yet lol

  2. and what's weird is this is the cover of the reprint. The 1st print copy I had had a much prettier cover but I was too lazy to scan it-LOL!