Friday, January 1, 2010

Family Weight Loss Challenge Finale for 2009

Roger, Colin and I (though Colin quit keeping his weight totals in September) finished up our family "weight loss" book challenge. The goal was to see how much book weight we could lose by reading (mainly books we already owned).

Roger was the biggest winner by far, as he read 252 books this year! His weight totals were 2513 ounces or 157 pounds in books! That's like a whole person in books!

I finished up with 57 books read (which is a lot for me). 466 ounces or 29 pounds in books. Colin (at the time he stopped keeping weight count) is

Our new challenge is one everyone can participate in-seeing how many pages you can read in 2010. Roger made a challenge page on Shelfari for the challenge if you want to join.

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