Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Unfinished-Miss Clarkson's Classmate by Sharon Sobel

Quit this one 45 pages in.

The heroine killed this one for me. She's a snob, who see's no one's worth unless they are part of "the quality". While I'm sure she changes her attitude I don't want to wait 200 pages for her to do so. She cannot see the reason to educate the mill's orphan children nor does she want to spend time with any of the mill workers though she's there to make an income off educating their children.

Even worse is that the hero, the mill owner, is treated with contempt by her but he's still drawn like a beacon because of her good looks even though her attitude is atrocious. I cannot stand women like this in "the real world" so why would I want to read about one for enjoyment?

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