Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Stolen Dreams by Catherine Lyndell

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ROR Fall Challenge
RYOB Challenge

Raised in a perilous world of thieves and rogues, Gillie lived by her wiles and fiercely guarded her virtue. Then the delicate beauty encountered the handsome and gallant Baron Kinsale. When she boldly freed the rugged Scotsman from a band of cutthroats, she knew she would risk everything to possess him. Yet this wild sweet waif, this unpolished pearl, was still a lass...and Kinsale dared not yield to his desire. Instead he made her his ward, and sent her off to be schooled in the gentle arts and graces thus far denied her. Soon Gillie flourished into a ravishing woman, aching for a love to long forsaken. And Kinsale, unhappily pledged to another, swore at last to make her his own. Menaced by a deadly betrayal, they would test the power of their bond...and fight to claim the wondrous pleasure of their passion, forever!

My Review:
Very "old school"-lot's of adventure, very "alpha" men, lot's of villains,"wrong side of the tracks" storyline.Set in Georgian era. Great, strong heroine. All in all, pretty good, though the love scenes were surprisingly lukewarm for a "bodice ripper". So I gave it 3 stars.

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