Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Remember Me by Danice Allen

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An Unforgettable Affair

Daring Amanda Darlington is on a clandestine rescue mission when a drunken swell stumbles into the path of her onrushing carriage. Though he could be a rogue, wastrel or dangerous scoundrel, the high principled miss feels duty bound to nurse the unconscious gentleman back to health-- especially when the handsome stranger awakens with no memory of his identity.

An angelic vision greets him when first he opens his eyes--a warm and caring young beauty who arouses a passionate fire. But Jackson Montgomery's abruptly returning memory revives shattering secrets that could destroy a blossoming love before it blooms. And only through feigned amnesia can Jack win gentle Amanda's heart for all time--though there are dangers in his brazen charade...
My Review:

The story begins when the heroine, Amanda, receives a letter that was supposed to have been given to her six months before at her parents death. In the letter she learns that her uptight and morally stuck up parents hid another child, born from her father's extramarital affair. The letter tells how the child was kept in a faraway town by a hired housekeeper on a small stipend. When Amanda learns of this she races off to find the child, without any abigail or relation, to try to discreetly bring the child back without a scandal. On the road her carriage almost runs over a man unconscious in the road, whom from his clothing is obviously a gentleman. Amanda brings him back to a inn, nurses him back to consciousness, but has a bigger dilemma when he wakes with no memory of who he is.

That begins a fast paced, Romantic and passionate story. The hero is a likable though flawed lead, a playboy and heavy partier (kinda reminded me of Jack Sparrow). The heroine is a sweet, self sufficient woman of 25, considered "on the shelf" after one failed season and her parents rigid upbringing. The secondary characters in the book are as enjoyable as the leads-especially Amanda two spinster Aunts and Jack's brother Julian, who has his own story in the second book, The Perfect Gentleman.
4 stars.

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