Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The Irish Earl by Patricia Bray

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Rich and beautiful, Lady Felicity Winterbourne has traveled the world. Now all she wants is a home of her own. And while there are many gentlemen eager to oblige her, she knows that their ardor has more to do with her lavish dowry than true affection. Then she meets Gerald FitzDesmond, Earl of Kilgarvan, whose tales of his ramshackle Irish estate seize her imagination. Felicity abandons decorum and proposes a marriage of convenience--with the proviso, lest Gerald prove a fortune-hunter--that she hold the purse strings! His dark looks and roguish charm, however, soon complicate her most practical action with the dizziest of desires.
The Earl is passionate about one thing only--the estate he must rescue from inherited debt. It's a mystery why this reckless, though fetching, daughter of a Duke should want him! Nonetheless he needs a wealthy wife, posthaste, and doubtless Felicity will be content to reside in London. Instead, what the Earl finds on his hands is a bride who will settle for nothing but the mountains and mud of the Emerald Isle...and his own awakening heart!

My Review:
Pretty good Regency. Overall, a satisfying "down to Earth" Romance. In this story it's the heroine who is wealthy and the hero is poor. Marriage of Convenience storyline. Could have had more romance and less disagreements, but still enjoyable if you're looking for a Regency that deals more with everyday life than routs and balls. Half the story is in London and half is "back home" at the Earl's estate in Ireland. 3.5 stars.

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