Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Untouched Mistress by Margaret McPhee

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Guy Tregellas, Viscount Varington, has a rakish reputation, and when he discovers a beautiful woman washed up on a beach he is more than intrigued. He doesn't believe her claims that she is a respectable widow and is determined to seduce the truth out of her! Helena McGregor must escape Scotland to anonymity in London. For the past five years she has lived a shameful life, not of her choosing. But she needs the help of her disturbingly handsome rescuer as danger catches up with them…

My Review:
A wonderful fast, Regency Romance. In this semi sequal to the author's The Wicked Earl, in Untouched Mistress, we have Lucien's brother Guy's story. The story begins when Guy finds a unconscious woman washed up on the beach. The woman, Helena, is terrified of something and is adament about running away and hiding in London. Guy offers to bring her and there the adventure begins.
Guy and Helena are both "tortured heros" in their own way, but refreshingly, in this case, it's Helena who has truly faced some unspeakable cruelty in her life. She fears and distrusts men, and Guy find's that even though he desires Helena, he must move slowly and in doing so, falls in love with her.

The villain in this book is really a baddie.His evilness makes for a thrilling,drama filled book. The story is more about love than passion, though there are a few love scenes. A great story about overcoming abuse too.
4 stars.

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