Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The Wicked Earl by Margaret McPhee

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The very proper Miss Langley does not know what she has done to encourage the attentions of a lord, only that they are most unwanted and very improper! So when a handsome stranger saves her from his clutches, Madeline is too relieved to suspect that her tall, dark defender may have a less than respectable reputation….

My Review:
A very good Regency Romance. The heroine, Madeline, is an average "on the shelf" older daughter of an genteel but impovrished family. So she is surprised when a Baron seeks out her attentions. The reader learns though that the Barons intentions are not honorable and are in fact perverse. When the Baron corners Madeline, a stranger appears and rescues Madeline. She learns that he is the Earl Tregalles, dubbed "The Wicked Earl" because he was accused of evil himself. So who does Madeline trust when she's is about to be forced into an unwanted marriage with the Baron?

This Regency read very much like a Johanna Lindsey or Catherine Coulter. Interesting characters, "misunderstandings" and loads of sexual tension throughout. The love scenes are passionate though more were needed to please me. The hero, is dark, brooding and misunderstood, the heroine very insecure though she gains courage throughout the storyline. All in all, a quick, enjoyable "high drama" romance.
4 stars

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