Monday, August 24, 2009

Lady Savage by Donna Simpson

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For Savina Roxeter, the voyage from Jamaica to England is the beginning of her future: a return to London to marry her intended, the estimable Lord Gaston-Reade, and the very proper business of household and heirs under the watchful eye of the ton's elite. But when a wild storm blows the ship off course, Savina, her father, her fiance, and his secretary, Anthony Heywood, among others, are stranded on a Caribbean island as primitive and unpeopled as it is beautiful. Suddenly, it is survival that matters rather than Almack's vouchers or the fashionable cut of a coat. And it is Anthony who astounds Savina with his skill, his resourcefulness, and an elemental strength that makes her breathless with desire. In London, a match between a lady and a man who works for his living would be unthinkable. But in this verdant paradise, they are equals in every way...

My Review:
Another solid story from Regency Author Donna Simpson. Unlike most Regencies set in the opulence and glittering ballrooms of Regency England, in Lady Savage the story is set in Jamica but mostly on a primitive Island that a dozen genteel English find themselves on after their ship is commandered by the Americans. The heroine, Savina, is a forward thinking woman who unfortunately finds herself pressured into a betrothal with a very old fashioned, arrogant Earl. While on their deserted Island, Savina realizes the error in choosing the Earl as well as her newfound feelings of affection and respect for the Earl's secretary, Anthony.

The story is fast paced and the groups trials to survive on the island are very much "Survivor-Regency era". Lady Savage is a good choice for those who are sick of Alpha males as Anthony is very much a calm, reasonable and clever "beta male".
The love scenes are there, but tame.
All in all, a quick, good book. 4 stars.

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