Sunday, August 2, 2009

Great Old Romance Cover's #3 and #4

Playing catch up here:)

First picture is another vintage Boris Vallejo cover: Courting Joanna by Alice Chetwynd Ley-this time the clothing is accurate for the period:) Love the "smoke" that seems to rise from them-are they really THAT hot-LOL! I love the blurb on the cover too "longs for a gentleman but craves the passion of a rogue" -truer words were never spoken sister ;)

Next is one of my favorite old covers and a book I've read that was good as well: A Love So Wild by Deborah Chester. One of the very few gold backgrounds I've ever seen on any cover. A bit of trivia: Deborah Chester started in Regency Romances but is currently a very prolific Fantasy writer.

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  1. Lol that blurp is really cute, I mean what girl doesn't long for a sometimes bad boy? Happy reading! :)