Monday, July 20, 2009

Sherlock Holmes Trailer

There is not another movie right now that is filling me with such angst that is going to be a flop as well as (dare I say it) hope that maybe it might turn out great. While I love Downey and Law in other productions-I would have NEVER picked them for Holmes and Watson, but we'll just have to see:)

The utterly delicious and period film veteran Mark Strong and my man Eddie Marsan (Happy Go Lucky) as Lestrade does make up for the somewhat dubious lead pairing.

But the big question is: Can Iron Man be Sherlock Holmes?


  1. Really? I thought it was a great choice. Sherlock had a coke problem and well we know about the problems Downey have been struggling with. Downey is a great actor and I think he can pull off just about any role. He and Law have great chemistry in other films and may be why they are paired in this film.

    I going to go see the movie when it comes out and I don't think I would if Downey wasn't in it.

  2. Awesome trailer! I'm definitely going to see it. I love Downey and Law, and it's great to see Rachel McAdams and other familiar faces. I'm a stickler for accents though, but it sounds like Downey pulls it off well.