Saturday, July 25, 2009

Passionate Thirst by Cameron Dean

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Synopsis: JUST ANOTHER NIGHT IN SIN CITY Candace Steele is as tough as she is alluring. For her, killing vampires isn't just a job, it's personal: She's still haunted by erotic memories of an all-consuming affair with Ash, a seductive vampire who thrilled her, and then nearly destroyed her. Now, working undercover in a Las Vegas casino, she seduces the most powerful undead, right before she drives a stake through their unbeating hearts. When hot-ticket singer Temptation McCoy sweeps into town for a major concert, Candace is tapped for security. But after meeting Temptation, Candace feels the cold, tingling sensation that can mean only one thing: There's a vampire in the diva's entourage. To complicate matters, Ash suddenly appears in Sin City, vowing to do anything and everything to draw Candace back into his arms. Overwhelmed by desire and suspicion, she lets down her guard . . . a move that could cost Candace her life.

My Review: This book was like a Hershey bar. It's chocolate, tasty, but in no league with Belgium chocolate. Passionate Thirst is not unusual in that the heroine is a "Vampire Hunter", and the hero, an ancient Vampire that Candace used to have a love affair with(why can't they ever be in love with the "fledgling" Vampire?). What's unusual is that the heroine hates Vampires and everything they stand for and the hero, though deeply in love with Candace, only sees them together as a Vampire couple. There ensues the main conflict of the story.

The story is chock full of sex-some sweet, mostly raunchy, including sex with the heroine and another man besides the hero(so be forewarned if that's not your thing)and some voyueristic scenes as well. I'd classify this book as Romance-erotica, just on the cusp of full fledged erotica (about a NC 17 in movie lingo). The scenes are pretty hot and nothing cringe worthy, maybe a little "blush worthy". The Vampire hunting is pretty gruesome too.

All in all, I'd give Passionate Thirst a 3 star review. I've read much worse and I'll try the next book in the series.

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