Friday, April 24, 2009

Rebel Lady by Dawn Lindsey

Rebel Lady
Dawn Lindsey
Regency Romance
Rating 3.75 stars

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Synopsis: The Insufferable Englishman

Sir Sebastian Hilliard was everything that beautiful, young, Scotch noblewoman Skye Crawford detested in an Englishman. He had wealth and power, and the arrogance to use them to get what he wanted. He had good looks and charm, and the ability to use them as well.

What he wanted now was to put Skye's brave brother in prison for defying British might, and hold her in bondage in his London mansion as his ward. Spirited Skye's personal war of independence had begun--against this lord who assumed he merely had come to conquer, and against the tremors of surrender in her own treacherous heart…

My Review: Rebel Lady is a relatively good "old school" Regency Romance. The story revolves around a young Scottish woman, Skye, and her older brother Colin. Colin has committed low level treason by helping the Jacobite cause, and is in hiding. Skye's guardian, whom she's never met, is an Englishman, Sir Sebastian, who is a distant cousin, and a loyal English man and works for the British home office. After hearing of his rebellious Scots relatives antics, Sebastian decides he must go to Scotland and bring Skye back to London before she get's charged with treason herself.
There begins a high drama, high action Regency. The story was overall well written but low on Romance. Skye is also an extremely annoying heroine who is stubborn and naive all the way to the end of the story. Her stupidity almost gets both her and Sebastian killed several times. All that being said, the story carries along enough to make Rebel Lady worth reading for any Regency fan looking for a different storyline.

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