Sunday, March 8, 2009

Unfinished-Under A Wild Sky by Sasha Lord

Under A Wild Sky
Sasha Lord
Rating 1.5 stars.

My Amazon Review:
a firecracker that fizzles halfway....., March 6, 2009

most books that fail for me start slow and never get better. Under A Wild Sky is different as it started well but turned skanky halfway through. Unlike other reviewers, I had no issue with the graphic love scenes, what was disturbing to me was when the hero finally, secretly figured out that Kal is a woman,in anger he leaves her to be punished repeatedly by the crew, still acting as if he thinks she's a boy. The crew abuse Kal to the point in a scene where I quit in disgust, where the crew are viciously beating her with a cat of nine tails! Ronin then proceeds to beat the crew and throw them off the ship. Then the heroine thinks to herself "what a virile man"! That is not romance-I'll try another of this author's books but I wouldn't recommend this one.

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