Thursday, March 12, 2009

The Indifferent Earl by Blair Bancroft

The Indifferent Earl
Blair Bancroft
Regency Romance
215 pages
Rating-3.0 stars

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Before Abigail Todd can collect her inheritance, she must honor her grandmother's last wish-to complete a series of tasks with the Earl of Langley-and hopefully fall in love in the process.

My Review:
Overall, a cute Regency that ran about average throughout, picking up a bit the last 30 or so pages.

Interesting premise of an American spinster of 28 who runs an Academy for girls in America when she learns of inheriting a cottage in England. To fully inherit, she must complete a series of eight tasks from Clarissa, who Abigail learns is her grandmother whom she never knew about. A famous courtesan who lived her last 40 years as a kept woman of the heroes Grandfather. Abigail coincidentally is the spitting image of her grandmother.

I would have given this book more stars if there would have been more romance. For a book with a major character being a courtesan, there is surprisingly very little sexual chemistry.

Overall though I enjoyed The Indifferent Earl and I'd recommend this book.
3 stars.

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