Saturday, March 28, 2009

An Eligible Connection by Elsie Lee

An Eligible Connection
Elsie Lee
Regency Romance
220 pages
rating 4 stars

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Synopsis: AN ELIGIBLE CONNECTION 1974 ISBN:0440128218 Society called it The Season, she called it a slave auction and refused to be sold...She never had vapors, never played the coquette like her ravishing sister Almina, "The Dark Incomparable" of London's haut ton. Fanny Cherill's flame-colored hair was a hopeless liability, her cheeky wit and daring thoroughly unladylike. But everything changed on the night handsome Lord Waterbury stole into her boudoir to capture her heart--and her reputation!

My Review:
this was my first book by this author. I wondered why Elsie Lee's Regencies are on so many's Regency fans wish list and now I know why. This author is great. She really knows how to write the flavor, the language, slang and feeling of the period. An Eligible Connection is the story of Fanny, who at 16 has been taken away from her governess and country home to live in London with her family. Her older sister, who is Fanny's opposite-dark haired, beautiful-an "Incomparable" for two seasons.
Fanny's family basically ignores her, leaving her alone with the servants nearly every day. One night alone, because of a small house fire, Fanny meets the hero, Charles, after she screams for help and he climbs into her bedroom to save her. Charles, thinking the petite redhead is much younger than she is (he thinks she's about 12), he's instantly captivated by her spunk and zest for life. He offers to take her about town, to a balloon ascension and the zoo, still thinking she's just a lonely child stuck in London without friends. This is where the adventure starts.

For those who love a fun Regency ala Georgette Heyer or Marion Chesney, I think you'll enjoy this book.
4 stars.


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