Thursday, March 19, 2009

Bewitched by Heather Cullman

Heather Cullman
346 pages
Rating 1 star

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Michael Vane, Earl of Sherrington, was once one of the most sought-after bachelors in London. But when a bout of brain fever left him prone to frightening seizures, he was scorned by the fashionable ton -- and he retreated to a secluded abbey on the English moors to mourn the man he used to be.

Back in his old social circle, rumor has it that Michael has gone quite mad. Desperate for an heir to his title, his grandmother gives him an ultimatum: he must marry -- or she will have him committed to an asylum. His choice is clear -- but who will have him? Luckily, Grandmother has a lovely lady in mind . . .

Thrice-engaged but never wed, Emily Merriman has her own reasons for agreeing to an arranged union with this melancholy stranger. For she, too, has resigned herself to a lifetime of thwarted desires -- until she discovers just how powerful love can be.

My Review:
too much a sickbed tale....,
March 19, 2009
I thought the premise of this book was interesting. A Duke who grew up normally, but after almost dying of brain fever, he suffers from seizures and withdraws from society to live as a outcast. His grandmother, desperate to help him, arranges with her friend, to force the Duke and the friends American daughter to marry.

The book started with this interesting premise, but quickly fizzled about 50 pages in. The couple meet, are quickly married and argue at the wedding and have no more interaction for another 50 pages. When they finally do, it's more a technical dissertation of the heroine caring for the semi sick hero, making up medicine and special meals for him. The romance is zero. Literally a chaste wedding at the beginning and one fumbling love scene at the very end. While I understand that the intimacy is supposed to be stilted because of the heroes illness, there not even attempts at intimacy. Then on top of it all, the author introduces this strange "fairy magic" side story into the book, almost as an afterthought. Unneeded and offputting.

Not recommended. 1 star.

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  1. OK, does not sound interesting at all.. I'll stay away from this book!!