Saturday, January 31, 2009

Duel of Hearts by Elizabeth Mansfield

Duel of Hearts Elizabeth Mansfield Regency Romance 219 pages Rating 1.5 stars.

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My Amazon Review:
cliched, cloying and annoying Regency Romance...., January 31, 2009
"There's No Time To Explain!" Sarah said. "Come and sit down beside me. Quickly!" She pulled him to the sofa. The door had been left open so that anyone passing would be bound to see them.

Sarah placed his arms firmly around her waist. "Now Edward, try not to be too shocked. I want you to kiss me."

"What?" Edward gaped at her. "You can't mean."

"Yes, I do!" She threw her arms around him and lifted her face to his. "Kiss me . . . as if you really mean it!"

My review:

Duel of Hearts is based on that tried and true storyline of the shy heroine, secretly in love with the hero, but he loves another. The heroine, as a selfless act, pretends to be lovers with the hero to help him ensnare his "true love", the heroine's twenty year old cousin.
While I've seen the story done before, this particular telling was one of the worst. The book spends more time on the hero's love interest-the heroine's vain, stupid and mean cousin, than on the heroine. The heroine is a door mat, and gladly allows herself to be a door mat to everyone including the hero. In modern terms, she's a complete wuss, never standing up for herself or her love.

The hero is not much better, liking the hero one minute, than berating and belittling her the next. Any "love" in this romance literally happens the last five pages of the book. No kidding!
The only beautiful thing in this novel is the beautiful cover art.

Totally skipworthy-1.5 stars.

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