Thursday, January 1, 2009

Diversity Rocks Challenge

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The point of this challenge is to ensure racial and ethnic diversity in the authors that we read. I want this to be fun and I'd love to have a lot of people involved, so there are many different levels you can participate at.

1. The Non-Joiner
For those of you who Don't Do Challenges: you know who you are! Or maybe you're signed up for too many already? This is for you!
Commit to reading one book by an author of color by the end of February, 2009.
One book.
I know! You can totally do it, right? You may already have one on your TBR pile.
Once you've read that book, either link to your review, or post in the comments, what you read. At that point, you can commit to another book if you choose. Repeat as desired.

2. The Overlapper
This is for those of you who are signed up for multiple challenges already. This challenge doesn't ask you to read any more books that you've already committed to.
Just commit to including one author of color in each of your challenges (or pick 6 challenges, if you're signed up for more than 6).

3. The Challenge Addict
I know you're out there. You're just itching for another challenge, and so far this one's too easy. Or maybe you already have a diverse list of authors that you read. There are a couple of ways you can complete the challenge at this level.
  • Commit to reading 6 books, 12 books, or 24 books by authors of color in 2009. If you already read a lot of authors in one group, branch out.
  • Pick one or more of your challenges and commit to read four different authors of color: perhaps a black author, a Latino author, an Asian author, and a Native American author.

4. The You-must-be-joking Holdout

Maybe you work 75 hours per week. Maybe you have twin toddlers. Maybe you homeschool 5 kids and work from home and bake your own bread daily. For whatever reason, you can barely manage to finish one full-length book. That's ok, you can still participate in one of two ways.

  • Choose any of the other challenge levels, but use children's books or young adult books for all of your books. If you have kids, you can even count the books they read!
  • Sign up as a cheerleader! Cheerleaders can be involved without reading any books at all. Instead, they can: Help find books and authors that fit certain categories as they come up--post about this reading challenge on a blog--Read and post comments on reviews as they appear

5. The Free Thinker
Got a better way to make this work for you? I'm easy. Tell me what your personal challenge is and consider yourself signed up. My only requirement is that it emphasizes diversity in reading and that it serves as an opportunity for you to broaden your horizons.

I'll be posting book recommendations in different genres and categories every day between now and January 1st. If you have a book you'd like to see on there, please suggest it in the comments

I'm joining at the Non-Joiner and my goal is 1 book

Golden Fleece by Robert J. Sawyer (Canadian)-DONE-2 stars

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  1. Welcome to the challenge! I have an 11 year old son, too. But not for long--he claims to be turning 12 in 10 days, if that's possible!