Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Challenge #7

Challenge #7- A book that makes you think about Christmas

Christmas Pie
Emma Craig
Rating-4 stars
320 pages

My Amazon Review:

charming Victorian Romance......, December 31, 2008

Polly McNamara longs for a world of fun and riches, and when an old woman gives her a magical coin, incredible things start to happen as she begins to see her handsome employer, James Drayton, in a new light.

My review:
Christmas Pie is a cute Christmas romance set in Victorian era San Francisco. Polly is a typist at James Drayton's law firm. On one cold November day, Polly goes into a curio shop in Chinatown to buy her mother a Christmas gift. A little old lady there gives her a gift-a very old Chinese coin. Polly's world,living in genteel poverty, barely making it for herself and her widowed, invalid mother, is turned upside down with the introduction of the coin.

If you are sometimes tired of Historical romances filled with hardened Rakes and jaded courtesans then you should try this book. I liked the fact that all the main characters were everyday,realistic"good" people. People who worked for a living and wished for the simpler things we all do-love,safety and security for our family and friendship.

It was fun to read about the just introduced "horseless carriages" and the luxury of a telephone. The lucky charm story was fun and comical. Sensuality scale of about a PG. Minor kissing and one love scene, tastefully done.

The story gets a little "out there" towards the end, hence the four stars. Though I'd still recommend the story for those looking for a clean, sweet romance.
4 stars.

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